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Your annual lodgment performance

You can check your annual lodgment performance through Online services for agents.

Published 15 July 2024

Your annual on-time lodgment performance overview is available via the Lodgment program status feature in Online services for agents. The feature also allows you to track your lodgment performance throughout the year.

Find out how we calculate your on-time lodgment performance and the simple things you can do to improve it, including:

  • notifying us when a return is not necessary.
  • updating your client list to remove those you no longer represent.

It's important to note that meeting the benchmark is not a prerequisite for ongoing access to the lodgment program. However, we monitor it as an indicator of when agents may require additional support.

We may contact agents who have fallen significantly below the benchmark or those who are requesting large numbers of deferrals compared to other practices, to offer our support.

Find out about our support strategies if you don't meet the performance benchmark or answers to frequently asked questions about the lodgment program framework.