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  • Getting access and setting permissions

    Explains what to do before you start, including having SBR-enabled software and Access Manager and possibly myGovID.

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    Before you start

    Before you start using the PLS, you will need:

    You will also need to set permissions through Access Manager.

    SBR-enabled software

    Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is a standardised approach to online or digital record-keeping that simplifies business reporting obligations. SBR is built into many business and accounting software packages, making them 'SBR-enabled'.

    To find out how to get SBR-enabled softwareExternal Link, including upgrades and installation, talk to your technology adviser or digital service provider.

    Access requirements for SBR-enabled software

    The access requirements for SBR-enabled software are different depending on whether you have desktop or hosted (cloud-based) software.

    PLS authentication outlines the differences and requirements for online (cloud-based) software and desktop software users.


    myGovID – a digital identity credential unique to you – is the new, easy and secure way to prove who you are online.

    Unable to log in or verify your myGovID?

    If you can't log in using your myGovID:

    See How to set up a myGovIDExternal Link.

    Access Manager

    With Access Manager, you can decide who has access to ATO online services on behalf of your business and what level of access they have.

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