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  • Strategic direction

    The role of the ATO is to effectively manage and shape the tax and superannuation systems that support and fund services for Australians.

    Our vision is to be:

    • a leading tax and super administration
    • known for our contemporary service, expertise and integrity.

    Our strategic direction is primarily set out in our corporate plan. It centres on fostering community participation in the tax and superannuation systems. We do this by:

    • ensuring integrity
    • building confidence in the administration of these systems
    • being streamlined, integrated and data-driven.

    We will continue to work with the community and other government agencies to support our country’s economic recovery by:

    • delivering government stimulus measures
    • improving small business tax performance
    • harnessing data and technology to make interactions with the ATO and government more seamless.

    We will maintain a focus on cyber security and strive to become a more purposeful organisation to maximise value for the ATO and the community.

    Our progress is monitored through the perspectives of our strategic objectives. Focusing on client experience and participation in the tax and superannuation systems is our ultimate measure of success.

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