• Correcting mistakes and disputing decisions

    Once you have lodged your registration or your claim for the R&D tax incentive, you may find that you need to vary your registration details with AusIndustry, amend or vary your claim with us, or that you want to dispute the decisions either we, AusIndustry or Innovation Australia made.

    If you need to correct or vary your tax return because you made a mistake or omitted to mention something you later realise you should have mentioned, you can amend your tax return (within certain time limits).

    If you want to dispute the law as we have applied it to your case or if you are dissatisfied with the amount of R&D tax offset we have allowed, you can object to your assessment (within certain time limits).

    For information about varying your registration details or disputing decisions made by AusIndustry or Innovation Australia, refer to the R&D Tax Incentive Information Guide (PDF 847KB) on the AusIndustry WebsiteExternal Link.

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