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  • Business viability assessment tool

    You can use this tool to help you determine whether a business is viable.

    The assessment considers a range of information that is linked to the financial performance and position of the business. This includes the business's ability to pay its outstanding debts, while meeting its ongoing commitments to creditors.

    If, as a result of using the tool, you have any concerns in relation to your business viability, you should seek professional advice from an accountant, solicitor or insolvency practitioner. Seeking advice at the earliest opportunity helps to ensure any financial issues are addressed before they escalate or become unmanageable.

    What is viability?

    Viability is defined as the ability to survive. In a business sense, that ability to survive is ultimately linked to financial performance and position.

    A business is viable where either:

    • it is returning a profit that is sufficient to provide a return to the business owner while also meeting its commitments to business creditors
    • it has sufficient cash resources to sustain itself through a period when it is not returning a profit.

    Using the tool

    Based on the information you enter, this tool will provide you with:

    • a summary financial report (PDF, 423KB)
    • a visual summary of key business performance indicators.

    You can save your session and return to it within one week.


    We will not keep a record of your personal information on our systems. Your information will only be retained for the purpose of completing the assessment.

    You can view an example business viability assessment report (PDF, 423KB).

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    Further information

    Use the Business viability assessment tool.

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    Professional advice

    For more information on how to seek professional advice on business viability, you can visit the following websites:

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