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  • Application for a continuing movement permission (non-export)

    These instructions will help you complete your Application for a continuing movement permission (non-export) (NAT 73710, PDF 367KB)This link will download a file.

    When to use this application

    Use this application to apply for (or amend) a permission to continually move goods from one licensed site to another if both of the following apply:

    • they are excisable or excise equivalent goods (EEGs)
    • no excise or customs duty has been paid on the goods.

    You should also use this application to move other customable goods underbond if the owner deals with EEGs. If the owner does not deal with EEGs, you will need to apply to the Australian Customs and Border Protection ServiceExternal Link.


    When we say 'you', we mean the person completing the application for permission.

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