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  • Section A: Type of application

    Question 1

    Indicate whether the goods you wish to move are excisable goods, EEGs or other customable goods as defined.

    Question 2

    Indicate the specific type of goods you wish to move. You can tick more than one box if appropriate.

    Question 3

    Indicate whether the application is for a new permission or to amend an existing continuing movement permission. If you are amending an existing continuing movement permission, provide the permission number.

    Section B: Permission holder details

    Question 4

    Provide the legal name of the person, partnership or company the permission will be granted to, their Australian business number (ABN) and their contact details. Provide an email address if the permission holder would like to correspond by email.

    If this is a new application and the permission holder does not hold a customs warehouse or excise licence, all individuals who participate in the management or control of the business must complete a Fit and proper person declaration (NAT 74815) form for us to assess your suitability for a permission.

    The permission holder is responsible for any unaccounted losses and liable for an amount equivalent to the duty on those goods until the goods are accepted by the receiving premises.

    In the case of customable goods, the permission holder will also be liable for any goods and services tax (GST), luxury car tax (LCT) and wine equalisation tax (WET) applicable to goods that cannot be properly accounted for.

    Question 5

    Indicate whether the permission holder is the owner of the goods or an agent of the owner.

    You can act on behalf of the owner in one of three ways:

    • as a general agent appointed to act on behalf of the owner
    • as an authorised agent appointed in writing to act on behalf of the owner in relation to movements of underbond goods
    • as a licensed customs broker who conducts customs transactions on behalf of the owner - limited to movements of customable goods.

    If you are not the owner of the goods, you must attach one of the following:

    • a document signed and dated by the owner stating you can act as their agent
    • a letter from the owner authorising you to move the goods.

    The owner's authorisation should generally be dated within 12 months of the date of the application to move the goods.

    We cannot process your application if written evidence of authority to act on behalf of the owner is not attached.

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