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  • Section G: Movement schedule

    You must complete both Schedule A and Schedule B if you wish to move excisable goods, and excise equivalent or other customable goods.

    Question 14

    Complete Schedule A for excisable goods. Provide:

    • the excise tariff item number
    • a description of the goods
    • the number of packages
    • the quantity of excisable goods to be moved.

    Question 15

    Complete Schedule B for excise equivalent or other customable goods. You must complete all details including:

    • N20 import declaration number
    • the number of packages
    • a description of the goods and quantity
    • Customs tariff item number
    • Customs value
    • international transport and insurance
    • Customs duty
    • GST
    • total revenue liability of goods.

    Section H: Declaration

    You, or a person who is authorised to act on your behalf, must sign the declaration. If the applicant is an entity, only a primary contact or a person authorised by a primary contact to act on behalf of the applicant (an authorised contact) may sign the declaration.

    If you lodge this application via Online services for business myGovID will be accepted as your electronic signature. You will not need to sign the declaration on the application form.

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