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  • Declaration

    You, or a person who is authorised to act on your behalf, must sign the declaration. If the business is an entity, only a primary contact or a person authorised by a primary contact to act on behalf of the entity (an authorised contact) may sign the declaration.

    If you lodge this return via Online services for business, your electronic credential will be accepted as your electronic signature. You will not need to sign the declaration on the return.

    Lodging your return

    You can lodge your return either:

    Lodge via Online services for business

    If you use Online services for business to lodge your return, it is more secure and will be processed faster than if you lodge by mail. Follow these steps to lodge via Online services for business:

    1. Log in to Online services for business
    2. Select Communication, then Secure Mail
    3. Select New
    4. Select View more topics from the topic list
    5. Select Excise from the Other topics list
    6. Select Excise returns from the Subject list
    7. Attach the return
    8. Complete the declaration
    9. Select send

    You will receive a receipt number once you've lodged your return.

    For help with lodging your Excise return through Online services for business, phone us on 13 28 66.

    Lodge by mail

    You can mail your completed return to:

    Australian Taxation Office

    PO Box 3007

    PENRITH NSW 2740

    Tracking the progress of your return

    You can track the progress of your return in Online services for business – select Your dealings from the Communication menu.

    You can also view your excise account to see the financial outcome of your return.

    Service commitments

    Our commitments to service set out the timeframes you can expect when you deal with us.

    Contact us

    Contact us if you need more information about excise or excise returns.

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