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  • Section G: Excise payment details

    Question 20

    If you will be responsible for paying the excise duty or lodging excise returns on a periodic basis, after the goods are entered for home consumption, answer 'Yes' to this question.

    If you are not responsible for paying the excise duty or lodging excise returns, answer 'No' and provide details of the person or entity who is responsible. If an individual is responsible, complete question (a), if an entity is responsible, complete question (b).

    We will only contact those nominated here for more information about the payment of excise duty. We will not contact them about other aspects of your application.

    Question 21

    If you are eligible for the small business entity concession, indicate whether you are applying for weekly or monthly settlement of your liability.

    If you are ineligible for the small business entity concession, you must choose weekly.

    Question 22

    Indicate the day you would like to lodge your weekly excise return and pay excise duty.

    Question 23

    We recommend you obtain commercial insurance which includes an amount to cover any excise duty payable in the event of theft or loss of your excisable products.

    If you are unable to account for products on which excise duty has not been paid, you must pay an amount equal to the excise duty payable on that product. For example, we consider products stolen from your premises as unaccounted for.

    Last modified: 13 May 2021QC 16931