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Fit and proper person declaration

How to complete the fit and proper person declaration form.

Last updated 30 November 2022

When to use this form

We use this form to assess an applicant's suitability for a licence or permission. Without it, we may be unable to grant a licence or permission.

You should complete this form if you have been asked to do so in a licence, periodic settlement permission or a movement permission application. We may ask any people who manage or control the business, including anyone who is responsible for the daily decision making or maintenance of records to also complete this form.

The declaration form

The Fit and proper person declaration form is designed to be completed on a desktop or laptop computer (not on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet). You'll need to use Adobe ReaderExternal Link software to view the form.

Because this is an electronic form, you can type your answers straight into the boxes provided.

Some questions will only be displayed if we need you to answer them. If you want to see all the questions before filling in the form, use the Print form with all questions button to print a copy.

How to get the form

Double-clicking the form won't open it. The form will not load on a mobile devicetablet or within a browser.

To complete the form, you must save it to your desktop computer or laptop (with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat installed), by following these steps:

  • To download, right click on Fit and proper person declaration (NAT 74815 PDF, 1.4MB)This link will download a file.
  • Select Save target as (or a similar option depending on your internet browser) to save it to your computer.
  • To open your saved form, right click on the PDF file in the folder it was saved in, select Open with then select Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  • Enable JavaScript if prompted before filling in the form. If JavaScript is not enabled, additional questions will not be populated and the form will be incomplete.
  • Once you've completed your form, save it using the Save form button at the end of the form.

Note: Update your default app for PDF file types to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open all PDF files with Adobe Acrobat.

Disclosure details on convictions

If you've been convicted for offences within the last 10 years and those convictions have been pardoned, quashed or 'spent', you may answer 'No' to the question about convictions. You don't have to tell us about them.

For excise and customs purposes:

  • a pardon means a free and absolute pardon that's been granted to a person who was wrongly convicted of a Commonwealth, state or territory offence
  • a quashed conviction is a Commonwealth, state or territory conviction that's been set aside by a court
  • a spent conviction is a conviction of either a Commonwealth, state or territory that satisfies all the following conditions  
    • it is 10 years since the date of the conviction (or 5 years for juvenile offenders)
    • the individual was not sentenced to imprisonment or was not sentenced to imprisonment for more than 30 months
    • the individual has not re-offended during the 10 or 5 year waiting period
    • no other exclusion applies.


For information about your privacy refer to the full privacy statement.


You must complete, sign and date the declaration.

Lodging your form

Before you lodge your declaration form, make sure you have completed all the relevant sections.

Keep a copy of your completed declaration for your records and lodge the original through:

  • secure mail in Online services for business
  • mail to

Australian Taxation Office
PO Box 3514

Lodge through Online services for business

If you use Online services for business to lodge your declaration, it is more secure and will be processed faster than if you lodge by mail.

Follow these steps to lodge through secure mail in Online services for business:

  1. Fill in the declaration form
  2. Save the completed form as a PDF to your computer
  3. Log into Online services for business
  4. Select Communication, then Secure mail
  5. Create a New message
  6. Select View more topics from the Topic list
  7. Select Excise from the Other topics list
  8. Select Alcohol, fuel and petroleum products, tobacco, duty free store from the Subject list
  9. Attach the declaration form
  10. Provide your contact details and complete the declaration
  11. Select Send.

You will receive a receipt number once you've lodged your declaration.

Service standards

If your declaration is incomplete, we will contact you for more information. If the information isn't provided after a reasonable period, we may refuse your application for a licence or permission. We'll ask you to reapply when you can provide the information we need.

Contact us

If you need more information, you can contact us or visit Excise on alcohol or Excise on fuel and petroleum products.