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  • Section A: Applicant details

    Question 1

    Provide the legal name and trading name of the individual or business applying for the licence and the relevant Australian business number (ABN) or tax file number (TFN).

    It is not compulsory for you to provide your ABN or TFN but it will help us process your application promptly.

    Where possible, we like to do business with you online. If you would like to receive correspondence by email, provide an email address here.


    If the application is made for a trust, the applicant is the trustee and the ABN is the trustee's ABN in its capacity as trustee for the trust.

    Question 2

    Indicate whether your business is a small business entity, that is, your business turnover (aggregated turnover) is less than $10 million. If you are entitled to the small business concession, you can choose between weekly or monthly settlement of your duty liability.

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    Question 3

    Describe the business you are intending to operate and your proposed start date for operations. Be as specific as possible as this will assist us to make a decision on your application more quickly.

    Question 4

    Indicate if you hold, or intend to acquire, a State liquor licence.

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