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  • Section E: Premises

    You must attach an A4 size copy of the site plan of the premises. The plan needs to:

    • be accurate and complete
    • be drawn to scale
    • clearly describe and define the area where the beer will be brewed.

    The area to be licensed must be defined by shading. This is where manufacturing and storage must take place and is referred to as 'the establishment'.

    The plan must also clearly show the location of the building in relation to surrounding streets and adjoining buildings.

    Question 9

    If we have already issued an establishment identification number for these premises, quote that number in this section of the application. If the premises are not already licensed, then an establishment identification number will be issued with the licence.

    Question 10

    You must provide a name for your premises as this will become your establishment name. This could be the common name used within your business to describe the premises.

    Question 11

    Provide the street address of your premises.

    Question 12

    Provide details and photos of your premises so we can assess if they are suitable to be licensed.

    The type of information we need includes:

    • the construction materials used for floors, walls, ceilings and doors
    • the number of storeys in the building
    • the number of buildings
    • the type of boundary fences
    • details of fire alarms, smoke detectors and sprinklers
    • details of plant and equipment.

    Question 13

    Provide details of the security you have in place so we can assess if your premises are suitable to be licensed.

    The security standard we require is generally the same as the normal commercial standard.

    The type of information you could provide includes:

    • locks or bars on doors and windows
    • burglar alarms, security lighting, security guard patrols or closed-circuit TV cameras that make it likely any unauthorised access will be noticed
    • your surveillance system including monitoring the type and quantity of goods entering and leaving the site
    • procedures to handle and retain information from your surveillance system
    • your access control procedures, for example, limited distribution of keys and access swipe cards or codes
    • your security procedures when breaches are detected, for example, whether a back-to-base system is activated.

    Provide photos of the interior and exterior of the building, including all doors and windows, security systems, perimeter fencing, and major plant and equipment. Failure to provide comprehensive photos may delay us issuing your licence.

    Question 14

    You must have right of possession and control over the premises. Indicate if you are the owner.

    Question 15

    If you are not the owner, advise if you have a lease for the premises.

    If you have a lease, provide the name of the owner, and the following details about the lease:

    • all the parties to the lease
    • the period of the lease
    • if you, as the lessee, have sole access to and control of the premises. If you are not the only person with access to and control of the premises, list all the people who have and their terms of access.

    We may ask you to provide a copy of the signed lease agreement.

    If you do not have a lease for the premises, provide details of your arrangement with the owner including:

    • the owner's name and contact details
    • the period of your arrangement
    • if you have sole access to and control of the premises. If you are not the only person with access to and control of the premises, list all the people who have and their terms of access.
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