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  • Section F: Manufacture of beer for non-commercial use

    Question 16

    Provide details of the type of beer products, as well as the total quantity of each of those products, you expect to manufacture in any 12 month period.

    Question 17

    Provide details of the skills and experience you have available to enable you to carry out the activities indicated at question 16. You or your employees may have the skills and experience, or you may have engaged a consultant or business associate to work alongside you.

    Include details of:

    • experience in the activity indicated at question 16
    • educational qualifications relevant to the activity indicated at question 16
    • experience in dealing with excise matters, including record keeping
    • previous dealings with us about the payment of excise duty
    • relevant knowledge of the industry.

    Question 18

    Provide details of how you will test the alcoholic strength of your products, for example using a hydrometer and formula.

    Question 19

    Provide details of the number of fermenter vessels and the capacity in litres of each.

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