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  • Section D: People involved in the management of the business

    Before granting a licence, we need to do some background checks. We may ask you, or any of the individuals nominated in this section, to complete a Fit and proper person declaration (NAT 74815) form.

    Some may also need to complete a consent to criminal history record check form and provide the necessary identification documents.

    We will advise who needs to complete these forms after we receive your application.

    Question 6

    Provide details of the people who will manage or control the business applying for the licence. This could include officers or directors of a company, or partners in a partnership.

    Include details of anyone who is responsible for daily decision making or maintenance of records on the:

    • quantity of goods manufactured
    • storage of goods
    • sale or disposal of the goods
    • receipt and dispatch of the goods.

    People in positions such as the warehouse manager or production manager should be included in this section.

    Question 7

    Provide details of all the people who will participate in managing or controlling the premises.

    Include details of anyone who has:

    • control over access to the premises
    • out-of-hours access to the premises
    • keys to the premises.

    For the purposes of holding an excise licence, the premises are the areas where the manufacture and storage of excisable goods will take place.

    Question 8

    We must also consider your associates before granting a licence. To do this we may need to do background checks on the people and entities you are associated with (within the meaning of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997) that have influence in your business.

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