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  • How we assess your application

    We decide if you're a fit and proper person to hold an excise licence and may check whether you have been convicted of a criminal offence.

    For companies, we will also check a company is fit and proper to hold the licence, and that the following people who would participate in the management or control of the company or premises are fit and proper persons:

    • directors
    • officers
    • shareholders
    • managers or supervisors
    • employees.

    For partnerships, we will check that all the partners are people who are fit and proper to hold a licence.

    We will also check whether you are an associate of a person, or a company, that is not fit and proper.

    We will also consider other factors, including if:

    • you have, or have available to you, the skills and experience required to carry out the activity that would be authorised by the licence
    • the physical security of the premises is adequate, having regard to the nature of the premises, the type and quantity of the goods and the procedures used to ensure the goods’ security on the premises
    • the plant and equipment to be used at the premises is suitable, with regard to the type of goods and the nature of the premises
    • you will have a market for the goods
    • you are able to keep proper records for our audit purposes
    • the grant of a storage licence would delay liability for duty
    • it's necessary to refuse to grant the licence to protect revenue.

    If we identify a risk to revenue, we can request a security and apply other conditions to your licence.

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