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  • Section F: Storage of excisable goods

    Question 18

    Select the best descriptions of your proposed activities.

    Question 19

    Provide details of the skills and experience you have available to enable you to carry out the activities indicated at question 18.

    You or your employees may have the skills and experience, or you may have engaged a consultant or business associate to work alongside you.

    Include details of:

    • experience in the activities indicated at question 18
    • educational qualifications relevant to the activities indicated at question 18
    • experience in dealing with excise matters – for example, lodging returns or movement permissions
    • previous dealings with us about the payment of excise duty
    • relevant knowledge of the industry.

    Question 20

    Indicate if you're the owner of the products to be stored at your premises.

    If you're not the owner of the products provide the following information, where known:

    • the owner’s name and their ABN
    • details of your arrangement with them
    • specific products involved.

    Question 21

    Provide details of the products you expect to store in any 12-month period, including the:

    • type of products
    • total quantity of products (in litres or kilograms).

    Question 22

    If you're repackaging products, provide a description of the product including the package type and size.

    Question 23

    Indicate if the measuring equipment you intend to use to determine your excise liability has been professionally calibrated.

    Measuring equipment includes equipment used to measure volume and temperature.

    Calibration must be done with standard instruments certified by an independent authority approved by any of the following:

    • the Chief Metrologist
    • the National Association of Testing Authorities Australia
    • applicable state government weights and measures authorities.

    We may contact you to request copies of certificates of calibration.

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