• Instructions for variation application

    The following instructions will help you complete your PAYG withholding variation application 2017.

    Section A: Your details

    A1 Tax file number (TFN)

    If you choose not to provide your TFN, your application may be delayed.

    A2 Employment declaration or TFN declaration

    You will not be granted a variation if you haven't quoted your TFN to your payer, unless you are exempt from quoting your TFN.

    You are exempt from quoting a TFN if you are either:

    • under 18 years old and do not earn enough to pay tax
    • a recipient of certain pensions, benefits or allowances from Centrelink, Department of Veterans' Affairs, or the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission.

    However, you must quote your TFN if you receive Austudy, Newstart, or sickness or parenting allowance.

    A6 Phone numbers

    Provide a phone number that we can contact you on between 8.00am and 6.00pm.

    A7 Authorised contact person who completed the form

    This item needs to be completed only if an authorised contact is completing this application on your behalf.

    A10 Australian resident for tax purposes

    If you are unsure of your residency status or if you need more information, refer to Work out your tax residency.

    A12 Reason codes

    There is a list of reason codes on page 2 of the PAYG withholding variation application.

    It is important to use the correct reason code. If your reason code begins with 05, you must select only one code. If your reason code category begins in the range 08–17, you may select more than one code within these ranges – for example, Two or more payers 11A0 and Negative gearing 08A0.

    Last modified: 10 May 2016QC 21682