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  • Individuals - complex advice request

    Before requesting complex advice, here are some other ways you can find information quickly:

    If you are a:

    On this page

    Issues we can help you with

    Information about the most common issues for individuals is available online. If you have been unable to resolve your issue using our online information or by phone, you can use this service for complex tax technical interpretation questions, including:

    • advice about new or changed legislation
    • complex tax law issues
    • help with legal interpretation.

    Requesting complex advice

    If you have a complex tax question that you cannot resolve through our self-help channels, you can submit a complex advice request form.

    How we resolve your issue

    Make sure your contact details are correct, including your phone number and email address as complex advice is issued to authorised contacts only. You may also be required to provide evidence of your authority to act.

    If we need to resolve your question by phone we will call you. Some issues may take longer to resolve, so we will keep you informed of the progress.

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