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  • Online services for business

    Online services for business (OSB) allows businesses and self-managed super fund (SMSF) approved auditors, to engage with us online. This new service is streamlined and contemporary, allowing you access to the system at any time on multiple devices.

    During the beta phases there are some functions in the Business Portal that are not yet available in OSB. You will still need to use the Business Portal to access these functions. We will keep you updated as functions below are added to OSB.

    The following functions can only be accessed through the Business Portal:

    • request a refund or transfer
    • track progress
    • lodge a file
      • Payment summary annual report (also known as 'EMPDUPE')
      • TFN declaration
      • Member contributions statement (for super funds)
    • lodging super guarantee charge statement
    • private rulings
    • objections
    • Statement of tax record
    • your dealings.

    You can use OSB to:

    • view, prepare, lodge and revise activity statements
    • view, prepare, lodge and revise Taxable payments annual report
    • create payment plans
    • switch between your businesses with a single log in
    • view statements of account and find your payment reference number (PRN)
    • manage your accounts and update your business registration details
    • view your Single Touch Payroll reports
    • register for goods and services tax (GST) and pay as you go (PAYG) withholding
    • access new secure mail subjects
    • access the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House
    • view and print tax returns and income tax history (if you are a sole trader continue to use ATO Online)
    • customise your home page.

    On this page:

    Accessing Online services for business

    You will need an Australian business number (ABN)External Link and a myGovID to access OSB.

    If you haven't set up your myGovID, you'll need to:

    • download the myGovID app and verify your identity
    • log in to Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) using your myGovID and link your business's ABN to your myGovID.

    You can authorise your employees or others to access OSB on behalf of your business in RAM. They will need to set up their own myGovID to accept their authorisation.

    Use the myGovID and RAM Need help? content if you experience any issues, including error messages, when setting up.

    SMSF auditors grant employees access to the Auditor/actuary contravention report (ACR) and the Audit complete advice (ACA) within Access Manager.

    This is done by selecting:

    • Prepare to give permission for users to prepare an ACR
    • Lodge to give permission for users to lodge an ACR, an ACA or both

    To grant user access to lodge multiple ACA's select View at the 'View and action own mail' option in Access Manager. This ensures the user only has access to secure mail to send the ACA bulk lodgment template and to contact us for any SMSF related secure mail topics.

    See also:

    Log in to Online services for business

    How to use Online services for business

    This information complements the prompts and help available throughout OSB. Additional help, relevant to the action you are performing is available by selecting the Help button.

    Functions available depend on your permissions in Access Manager.

    Find out about:

    Customise the home page

    You can choose what information you see on the home page. Customising your home page lets you quickly access the functions most relevant to you. You can select up to eight quick links.  

    To change the features or quick links:

    • select the Customise home page button at the bottom of the home page
    • select or deselect the Quick links check box to choose what you want displayed.

    Switch ABN

    If you are an authorised contact for more than one entity you can use Switch ABN in the top right hand section of the screen. You will see a list of entities you are authorised to access. Where there are more than 10 entities you can search the list by name or ABN.


    The notification section on the home page is used by us to alert you to Actions required or Information we are providing to you. These notifications are personalised to your myGovID login.

    To view a list of notifications, select the drop-down menu.

    There are a maximum of six notifications displayed at any one time.

    Notifications will be for your information or to action. You:

    • can dismiss Information notifications at any time by selecting X 
    • can't dismiss an Action required notification until you have actioned it. Select Action now and you will be taken to the relevant function to complete the action.

    For action

    The For action section on the home page displays a personalised view of lodgment and payment obligations.

    The Lodgments section will display lodgments that are upcoming and overdue.You can choose to View or Prepare depending on the lodgment type.

    The Payment section will display your accounts with amounts owing to the ATO. Accounts will have an indicator where they are overdue or in a payment plan. A debit amount not yet due, or an account in a payment plan, will display a View option taking you to the Accounts screen. An overdue account will display a Pay selection taking you directly to the Payment screen.

    Lodge an activity statement

    Activity statements are available under For action or History. You can view, print and revise statements you've previously lodged in History.

    Activity statements that haven't been lodged are displayed as For action and can be accessed from the home page or from the Lodgments menu.

    To complete your current activity statement:

    • at For action select Lodgments or at the Lodgments menu select Statements 
    • select Prepare next to the statement
    • complete the mandatory details
    • you can lodge a nil business activity statement (BAS) from the Prepare activity statement screen by selecting Prepare as NIL 
    • select the declaration
    • select Save and exit to resume later or Lodge 
    • a confirmation screen will present with a unique receipt ID. The screen can be printed or saved as a PDF
    • the total amount to pay will be presented on the screen with an option to Pay now.

    To view the GST property credits account:

    • at the Lodgments menu
    • select GST property credits from the drop-down menu
    • if no GST property credits exist, no records will display.

    View and print tax returns

    Income tax returns that haven't been lodged are displayed as For action and can be viewed on the home page or from the Lodgments menu by selecting Income Tax.

    Lodged income tax returns are available to view and print at the Income tax screen.

    Select History then View beside the tax return. Once the return is viewed you can choose to print or save as a PDF.

    Payment plans

    You can make a payment plan online if debt is under $100,000. At the Accounts and Payments menu:

    • select Payment plans 
    • select Add 
    • select account for payment plan and the amount
    • select payment method and frequency
    • enter payment date, upfront payment and instalments then select Calculate payment plan 
    • select Next and review the payment plan
    • select the declaration then Submit
    • you will receive a message with a receipt number once the plan has been submitted successfully.

    For payment plans above $100,000 you will need to contact us.

    Payment options

    From the Payments menu, you can:

    • view your payment options
    • obtain an electronic funds transfer (EFT) code
    • download and print a payment slip
    • maintain your saved card details.

    To pay by credit or debit card for amounts between $1 and $20,000,000:

    • select credit or debit card
    • filter by amount type
    • check the box beside the appropriate account in the Account details screen (the pre-filled Amount to pay can be changed to any payment amount)
    • type your card details
    • choose to save the card details for future payments, this will not create a direct debit.

    Maintain your cards for future payments by selecting the link Manage credit/debit cards details. From here you can:

    • view your stored cards
    • add up to three cards for future use
    • update stored card details
    • delete stored cards.

    Note: Storing a card for future payments does not set up a direct debit arrangement.

    To pay by BPAY®:

    • your electronic fund transfer (EFT) code is needed to pay an account or quote the EFT code as your customer reference number (the EFT code is different for each account)
    • select BPAY from the Payment screen
    • at Account details all valid accounts are listed with payment reference numbers
    • the Biller code is at the bottom of the screen.

    To pay by direct debit:

    • select Other payment methods from the Payment screen
    • all applicable accounts will be displayed along with the payment reference number and the account balance
    • ATO account details are displayed on the screen and can be printed.

    Add, update or cancel a tax type

    To add, update or cancel a tax type at the Profile menu and select Tax registrations from the drop-down menu.

    To add a tax type:

    • at Current registrations select Add 
    • select Registration tax type from the drop-down menu
    • type the details as prompted
    • select Next 
    • review the summary
    • select the declaration then Submit.

    To update a tax type:

    • select Update next to the relevant account type to be updated
    • type the required updates
    • select Next 
    • review the summary
    • select the declaration then Submit.

    To cancel a tax type:

    • at the Profile menu
    • select Tax registrations from the drop-down menu
    • select Cancel next to the account type to be cancelled
    • type the date the cancellation takes effect and select the reason for cancellation
    • select Next 
    • review the summary
    • select the declaration and then Submit.

    You can register, update or cancel goods and services tax (GST), income tax withholding (ITW - also known as PAYG withholding or PAYGW), Luxury car tax (LCT), Wine equalisation tax (WET) and Fuel tax credit (FTC) tax types through the Business registration function.

    Single Touch Payroll - exemption and deferral requests

    This form allows you to submit requests for:

    • operational deferrals
    • concessional reporting
    • recurring deferrals
    • exemption
    • no requirement to report
    • financial declaration deferrals.

    When a form is submitted you will receive an ATO receipt ID and be advised whether the request has been accepted or has been sent for assessment.

    View your accounts

    The accounts summary displays a complete list of all accounts held with the ATO along with the payment reference number, any overdue amount and the account balance.

    To access an account, select the relevant link under the account name.

    To filter the obligations that relates to an account, at the Itemised account screen:

    • select Filter:
      • process date order – to view the end date of the period that the activity statement applies to, you can view
      • self-assessed amounts for period ended (date)
      • amended self-assessed amounts for period ended for amended or revised activity statements
      • effective date order – to view the period information of the activity statement. For amended or revised activity statements, the original activity statement period is shown
      • time period - from date and to date or income year
    • select Order date to sort from newest or oldest
    • select the check box to hide transactions which total zero.

    You can also pay outstanding debits using the payment options hyperlink and following the options.

    Access secure mail

    At the Communication menu select Secure mail to securely perform email tasks.

    To send new emails you will need:

    • a separate email for each subject
    • to ensure you attach all supporting documentation and that the attached documentation
      • is a maximum of six files
      • is less than 6MB in size (per file)
      • is in a suitable format (doc, .pdf, .rtf, .xls, .tif, .jpg, .zip, .bmp, .png, .gif, .mpp, .ppt, .docx, .dotx, .xlsx, .xltx, .pptx, .potx, .ppsx.)
      • is not encrypted (for example, password protected)
      • doesn’t contain macros
      • doesn’t contain formulas (copying and pasting information from one spreadsheet to another may introduce unseen elements in your spreadsheet)
      • is not an executable file (common executable file extensions include .exe, .app, .vb, .scr).

    After sending your message, you will receive a receipt number.

    You can also:

    • view sent messages
    • reply to messages
    • allocate messages to other users (based on permissions)
    • delete messages
    • receive replies from us
    • select other inboxes based on permissions (personal inbox, other users and business inbox)
    • print messages
    • set up email notifications to be notified at your preferred email address when we have sent you a message to your OSB mailbox
      • select Email notification at the bottom of the inbox, type or update your email address then Save 
      • email notifications will always be from our trusted email address –
    • track the progress of your messages
      • use Your dealings in the Communications menu to track the progress of your interactions with us.

    Some actions will require you to complete and attach a form to your secure mail message. Those actions are listed below:



    Form to attach

    • Activity Statement
    • Debt and Lodgment
    • Income Tax
    • FBT

    Remission of general interest charge

    How to request a remission of interest

    • Activity Statement
    • Debt and Lodgment
    • Income Tax
    • FBT

    Remission of failure to lodge on time penalty

    Requesting remission

    • Debt and lodgment
    • Income tax

    Remission of shortfall interest charge

    How to request a remission of interest


    Excise Returns

    Excise return and instructions


    GST Joint Venture Notification

    GST – joint venture – notification of forming, changing or cancelling (PDF, 345KB)This link will download a file

    Income Tax

    Amendment request

    What to include in your request

    Income Tax

    Certificate of Residency

    Requesting a certificate of residency or status


    Receiver/Manager appointed

    Appointment or cessation of a representative of an incapacitated entity


    Request for Documents

    Copies of tax documents request

    Petroleum Resource Rent Tax

    PRRT Return/Instalment lodgment

    PRTT return


    SMSF Auditor ACA bulk lodgment

    Audit complete advice (XLSX, 352KB)This link will download a file


    SMSF specific advice

    Request for self-managed superannuation fund specific advice


    SMSF Early engagement and Voluntary Disclosure

    SMSF regulatory contravention disclosure form


    Lodge SGC Statement

    SGC Statement spreadsheet version (XLS, 527KB)This link will download a file


    Lodge Super Guarantee Opt Out form

    Super Guarantee opt out for high income earners with multiple employers (PDF, 315KB)This link will download a file

    Lodge an Auditor/actuary contravention report

    To lodge an Auditor/actuary contravention report:

    • select the Lodgments menu
    • select Reports and forms 
    • select Auditor contravention report 
    • select Prepare to start a new report or Resume to return to a previously saved report
    • complete all mandatory fields on the form
      • at Events – reporting an event
        • select Add to report an event, you can report up to six events
        • answer Event started before the audit period 
        • type start date of event
        • complete Describe the event and mitigating factors 
        • answer Conventions fully rectified or trustees plan to fully rectify them 
        • enter Estimated completion date or date contraventions fully rectified 
        • if applicable, complete Planned or taken steps to rectify the contraventions
        • if applicable enter the Maximum value of the contravention or regulation
        • answer Contravention or regulation fully rectified?
        • if applicable enter the Outstanding value
        • if applicable Add another contravention
        • when finished select Save
      • Events - other questions
        • if applicable, answer the SMSF’s financial position question
        • if applicable, complete On what information did you base your opinion
        • if applicable, answer additional information
        • if applicable, complete Provide details
        • select Next
      • Summary
        • check the Declaration
        • select Submit.

    Forms can be saved and completed within 90 days.

    When the form is submitted successfully, a receipt number will be displayed and you can choose to print or save a copy of the submitted form.

    Lodge an Audit complete advice

    To lodge an Audit complete advice:

    • at the Lodgments menu
    • select Reports and forms 
    • select Audit complete advice 
    • Complete the mandatory information on the form
      • select financial year of audit
      • Fund details
        • type the fund’s ABN 
        • select Search, the fund’s name will be populated
      • Auditor details type
        • Auditor’s first name
        • Auditor’s last name
        • SMSF auditor number
        • Phone number
        • Mobile number
        • Auditor's postal address
    • select the Declaration and Submit.

    Complete and lodge bulk Audit complete advices

    To complete the Audit Complete Advice bulk template:

    • download the template to your device
    • complete the mandatory information on the template
      • Auditor details type
        • Audit firm name
        • Audit firm ABN
        • First name
        • Last name
        • Phone or mobile number
        • auditor Address
        • SMSF auditor number
      • Fund details enter
        • the fund ABN of SMSF you audited
        • Name of SMSF
        • Audit year
        • Audit completion date
      • save the template as xls or xlsx. Do not convert the completed template to a PDF.

    To lodge a bulk Audit complete advice:

    • at the Communications menu
    • select Secure mail from the drop-down menu
    • select New at the inbox
    • select the Topic – Superannuation 
    • select the Subject – SMSF Auditor ACA bulk lodgment 
    • complete the mandatory information in the secure mail
    • attach the completed Audit Complete Advice bulk template
    • type your email address
    • type your contact details
    • select the declaration and Send.

    You will receive a receipt number once the mail is successfully sent.

    Contact us

    For help within Online service for business during the beta email or phone (07) 3213 5600 between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday AEDT

    For assistance with your tax and superannuation affairs, contact us.

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