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  • General Online services for business functions

    Online services for business allows you to access a range of information about your business accounts from the home page, including accounts that require action or that have overdue amounts.

    On this page:

    Customise the home page

    Customising your home page lets you quickly access the functions most relevant to you. You can select up to eight quick links.  

    To change the quick links:

    • select the Customise home page button at the bottom of the home page
    • select or deselect the Quick links check box to choose what you want displayed.

    Switch ABN

    If you're an authorised contact for more than one entity, Online services for business allows you to switch between these entities without having to log in and out.

    By selecting Switch ABN in the top right section of the screen, a list of entities you are authorised to access will appear. If there are more than 10 entities, you can search this list by name or ABN.


    The notification section on the home page alerts you to actions required or information we are giving you. These notifications are personalised to your myGovID login.

    To view a list of notifications, select Notifications from the drop-down menu.

    A maximum of six notifications are displayed at any one time.

    Notifications will be for your information or to action and you:

    • can dismiss information notifications at any time by selecting X
    • can't dismiss an action required notification until you have actioned it – select Action now and you will be taken to the relevant function to complete the action.

    For action

    The 'For action' section on the home page displays a personalised view of lodgment and payment obligations.

    The 'Lodgments' section will display lodgments that are upcoming and overdue. You can choose to view or prepare depending on the lodgment type.

    The 'Payment' section displays your accounts with amounts owing to the ATO. Accounts have an indicator if they are overdue or in a payment plan. A debit amount not yet due, or an account in a payment plan, displays a view link taking you to the accounts screen. An overdue account displays a pay link taking you directly to the payment screen.

    View your accounts

    The accounts summary displays a complete list of all accounts held with the ATO along with the payment reference number, any overdue amount and the account balance.

    To access an account, select the relevant link under the account name.

    To filter the obligations that relates to an account, at the Itemised account screen:

    • select Filter        
      • time period – from date and to date or income tax year
      • process date order – displays list in the order transactions were processed by ATO
      • effective date order – displays list in the order the transaction was effective on the account (for amended or revised activity statements, the effective date shown will be the date the original transaction was due)
    • select Order date to sort from newest or oldest
    • select the check box to hide transactions which total zero.

    You can also pay outstanding amounts using the payment options hyperlink and following the options.

    Provide feedback

    We developed Online services for business in collaboration with the users of service, including businesses, approved self-managed super fund auditors, and other organisations. Many of the enhancements we make are due to your feedback.

    How to provide feedback

    Give us feedback is located at the bottom of each screen in Online services for business. Provide as much detail as possible.

    Our troubleshooting page lists issues we know about that may prevent you from completing an action in the system. We update this page when an issue has been resolved. Before providing your feedback, check this page to see if an issue is already listed.

    Using your feedback

    We use your feedback to:

    • fix identified issues (like those listed on the troubleshooting page)
    • investigate whether improvements can be made to the system
    • find out what you like about the system and how are you using it.

    We aren't able to respond to individual comments or questions.

    If you wish to enquire about your tax affairs contact us.

    You can keep up-to-date with the system enhancements we are planning by subscribing to our various newsletters.

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