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  • Lodgments in Online services for business

    The 'Lodgments' menu in Online services for business allows you to lodge a range of forms and statements with the ATO.

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    You can lodge an income tax return amendment via Secure mail.

    Lodge a business or instalment activity statement

    Activity statements are available under 'For action' or 'History'. You can view, print and revise statements you've previously lodged in 'History'.

    Activity statements that haven't been lodged are displayed as 'For action' and can be accessed from the home page or from the 'Lodgments' menu.

    To complete your current activity statement:

    • select either          
      • Lodgments from 'For action'
      • Activity statements from the 'Lodgments' menu  
    • select Prepare next to the statement
    • complete the mandatory details
    • you can lodge a nil business activity statement (BAS) from the 'Prepare activity statement' screen by selecting Prepare as NIL
    • tick the declaration
    • select Save and exit to resume later or Lodge
    • a confirmation screen will present with a unique receipt ID – the screen can be printed or saved as a PDF
    • the total amount to pay will be presented on the screen with an option to pay now.

    To view the GST property credits account:

    • at the 'Lodgments' menu
    • select GST property credits from the drop-down menu.

    If no GST property credits exist, no records will display.

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    View and print tax returns

    Online services for business allows you to view your lodgment history.

    Income tax returns that haven't been lodged are displayed in 'For action' and can be viewed on the home page or from the 'Lodgments' menu by selecting Income Tax

    Lodged income tax returns are available to view and print at the 'Income tax' screen. Select History then View details beside the tax return. Once the return is viewed you can choose to print or save it as a PDF.

    What you need to report and how you lodge your tax return for your business depends on your type of business entity.

    Super guarantee charge statement

    To lodge the super guarantee charge (SGC) statement, select Lodgments, reports and forms, and then Super guarantee charge statement.

    Transfer balance account report

    To lodge the transfer balance account report, select:

    • Lodgments
    • Reports and forms
    • Transfer balance account report.

    For information on completing the report, see Super transfer balance account report instructions.

    Private rulings

    To apply for a private ruling within Online services for business, select:

    • Lodgments
    • Reports and forms
    • Private ruling application


    To use Online services for business to lodge objections, select:

    • Lodgments
    • Reports and forms
    • Lodge an objection.

    For more information, see Object to an ATO Decision.

    File transfer

    Select File transfer from Lodgment menu.

    Files you can test or lodge are visible here.

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    Reported transactions

    Online services for business allows you to view third party data that we hold on taxable payments, government grants and business transactions received through payment systems. To view Reported transactions, select:

    • Lodgments
    • Reports and forms
    • Reported transactions.

    Fuel tax credits non-business

    Online services for business allows not-for-profit organisations (that are not registered for GST) who operate emergency vehicles or vessels that provide emergency services and are clearly identifiable as such to register for fuel tax credit non-GST, lodge a claim or amend a previous claim.

    You must claim within four years, and must keep records that support your fuel tax credit claim.

    To register and claim Fuel tax credit non-GST, select:

    • Lodgments
    • Reports and forms
    • Fuel tax credit non-GST

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    • Fuel tax credits non-business.

    Product Stewardship for Oil (PSO)

    To register and claim Product Stewardship for Oil (PSO), select:

    • Lodgments
    • Reports and forms
    • Product stewardship for oil claim
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