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  • Locating your super

    If you have worked for multiple employers, you may have more than one super account and these may be with different super funds.

    If it has been six months or more since you left Australia, your visa has ceased to be in effect and you have not claimed DASP, your super fund will transfer your super money to the ATO.

    We could be holding your super as unclaimed super money, super guarantee or in the superannuation holding account (SHA). This is collectively known as ATO-held super.

    If you're not sure where your super is, you can search for it by:

    • using the DASP online application systemExternal Link once you've met eligibility requirements and provided your TFN
    • using ATO online services or the ATO app (after creating a myGov account and linking to the ATO)
    • phoning the superannuation enquiries line on 13 10 20.

    Employers are required to make super contributions on a quarterly basis, so you should check with your employer that all contributions have been paid into your fund before submitting your application.

    Claiming ATO-held super as a DASP

    If your super fund has transferred your super to us as 'former temporary resident – unclaimed super' you can claim this from us if you have met all the eligibility requirements.

    If you have returned to Australia as a permanent resident, you can either:

    • transfer this money to an Australian super fund, or
    • apply for it to be paid to you directly.

    Either way, the payment is still considered a DASP and the appropriate DASP tax rate will be applied.

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