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  • Understanding eInvoicing

    Change can be hard, particularly when things seem to be working well and the need to do things differently is not obvious. eInvoicing can fall into this category. You might be used to sending PDF invoices and emails, manually entering received invoices in your software, and then dealing with associated issues such as mistakes and late, lost or compromised invoices. And while you may regard this as just the cost of doing business, it doesn't have to be. Switching to eInvoicing will help reduce manual data entry because eInvoices automatically appear in your software, ready to be checked and paid.

    While getting started might seem daunting, it's actually never been easier.

    We've recently published a series of short videosExternal Link that explain eInvoicing and how it can benefit your organisation by helping you save time and money.

    The ATO does not get access to your invoice data and this is not a compliance measure. The aim is to reduce your admin, boost your cashflow and give you more time to focus on what matters most to your organisation.

    With more eInvoicing products and services becoming available, and over 18,000 businesses adopting across Australia (including well-known brands and the federal and NSW governments) there's never been a better time to get started.

    Talk to your trusted adviser or preferred business software providerExternal Link today to explore the options available to help you make this change.

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