• Receiving and processing claims

    Not all super funds can pay a DASP. Trustees can pay a benefit only as allowed in the fund's trust deed. Also, unfunded public sector schemes do not have to pay out benefits under DASP.

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    How members can claim DASP

    Temporary residents can claim a DASP from you:

    A separate DASP application must be completed for each super fund or retirement savings account (RSA) provider that holds an account for the temporary resident.

    Claims must be processed within 28 days of you receiving them and any additional information you require.

    Online claims

    When claims are submitted via the DASP online system:

    • you don't need to verify the client's immigration status – we've already done this through an online check with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)
    • if the withdrawal benefit is less than $5,000 you don't need to undertake the client identification procedures required by the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006.

    Registered tax practitioners that have DASP agreements with us (referred to as DASP intermediaries) can also use the DASP online system to submit claims on behalf of their clients. When this is the case, the DASP intermediary's name and contact details will also appear on the claim form that you receive.

    Funds should check DASP online on a regular basis to see if claims have been submitted for them to action.

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    Paper claims

    The member must provide the following:

    • Evidence of their immigration status:
      • They can apply to DIBP for them to issue Certification of Immigration Status to your fund. They must do this if the withdrawal benefit is $5,000 or more.
      • If the withdrawal benefit is less than $5,000 they can provide a copy of their visa, or evidence that they were the holder of a temporary visa which has ceased to be in effect, and a certified copy of their passport showing their departure stamp, as alternative evidence. Passport stamps are not automatically issued on departure from Australia, so it's up to the member to request one when they leave, if they require it.
    • Proof of identification:
      • For paper claims fund trustees are required to undertake client identification procedures in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 regardless of the value of the withdrawal benefit being claimed.

    Third parties may also claim directly from you on behalf of temporary residents using paper applications. In this case, they must provide evidence to satisfy you that they have authority to make the claim, proof of identity for themselves, and the evidence required for the temporary resident.

    Dealing with subsequent contributions

    If you have issued a DASP to a temporary resident member and subsequently further contributions are received from the employer who contributed while they were working in Australia, you can pay this balance as a DASP without requiring another claim.

    To avoid paying entitlements in multiple DASPs we suggest you contact the employer when the original DASP claim is received to see if they are willing to pay any outstanding contributions before the next quarterly due date for super guarantee.

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