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  • APRA-regulated fund support

    The following contact points are for APRA-regulated funds.

    The internet is not a secure environment. We don't control the path of emails, so privacy of personal information can't be guaranteed. If you choose to email us, be aware of this risk.

    Before contacting us

    Before you contact us:

    What to include in your email

    For queries that you are unable to resolve:

    • email the relevant team only – don't send to multiple mailboxes. The primary contact points below should be the first point of contact unless your enquiry requires specialist advice
    • clearly state the subject matter of your enquiry in the email’s header
    • include all relevant background on the issue, including any records such as emails and other forms of contact you have had with us on the issue.

    If you're unsure of where to direct an enquiry, email Super CRT.

    The CRT team will contact the relevant ATO business area on your behalf if necessary.

    Primary contact points

    Operational enquiries

    Email for operational topics using the relevant data codes.

    Consultation and co-design enquiries

    For consultation and co-design topics, including early stage or new policy projects, email Super&

    Digital service provider enquiries

    For enquiries relating to the development of tax and super software, email

    Law interpretation enquiries

    For advice on the application of the law to a specific individual or group of taxpayers or clients:

    Specialist contact points

    COVID-19 early release of super

    For enquiries email

    For more details refer to COVID-19 early release of super.

    SuperStream enquiries

    Email for data and payment standard enquiries, including:

    • technical queries
    • readiness and implementation.

    For enabling services – SuperMatch and fund validation service enquiries, email

    Responding to your enquiry

    When you send an email to one of our mailboxes, we will reply with an acknowledgement. It will include the team's service level agreement (SLA) for timeframes in resolving enquiries (in development for specialist contact points). If needed, the mailbox will negotiate with downstream stakeholders to work towards resolution within the SLA's timeframe. They will also provide a progress update if the enquiry is unresolved within the expected timeframe.

    The area actioning the enquiry will send the final advice directly to you.

    If you need further clarification, send a follow-up email to the mailbox you received the response from.

    Re-escalating an issue

    Allow enough time for us to resolve the issue (in line with the SLA in your acknowledgement reply) before you re-escalate an issue.

    If you need to re-contact a mailbox:

    • send a follow-up email to the mailbox you originally contacted
    • copy in (CC) the original mailbox if you are escalating to another contact point.

    Note: No reply will be provided where a mailbox is CC'd into an email.

    Common queries

    Received a payment but not a rollover message

    In most cases, funds should receive the payments or messages (or both) on the same day. If a fund does not receive a corresponding message on the same day:

    • where there is a technical issue and a message couldn't be sent, we'll contact the fund to advise
    • if there's a delay with a corresponding message, all attempts will be made to get the message to the fund within seven business days of the date on which the fund received the payment.

    Funds should follow up with SuperCRT about the delayed message if they haven't heard from us after more than seven business days after receiving a payment. Any enquiries before that time will receive a response that the matter is still under investigation.

    Payments from us might also relate to income tax, integrated client account or other accounts. So we encourage you, or an authorised contact or tax agent, to check the details of the payment in the Business Portal before making an enquiry to SuperCRT.

    No outcome response following a rollover or contribution lodgment

    The course of action depends on whether the fund’s gateway got a technical receipt after lodgment:

    • if a technical receipt was not received, the gateway provider should resend the message
    • if a technical receipt was received, email SuperCRT with details of the technical receipt.

    No super contribution showing on myGov

    The fund should check:

    • the amounts reported for the member on the Business Portal
    • if the contribution is not on the portal, check with their gateway that the necessary technical receipts and business responses (where relevant) have been received.

    If these have not been received, their gateway should follow-up with the DPO.

    If everything appears correct in the portal and at the fund’s gateway, the fund should email SuperCRT.

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