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Most of your business reporting and transactions can be done online through ATO online services.

Last updated 4 November 2023


Our online services are quick, easy, tailored, and secure. They let you manage your business reporting and transactions at a time that is convenient for you.

If you use a registered tax or BAS agent for your tax and superannuation matters, you can still access our online services.

You can do most of your business reporting and transactions with us online using:

If you're a sole trader, use myGov to access Online services for Individuals and sole traders.

Online services for business

Online services for business is the default online service for approved self-managed super fund (SMSF) auditors, businesses, and other organisations to engage with us. Trustees of self-managed superannuation funds who have an ABN can also use this service. It's streamlined and contemporary – you can access it at any time on multiple devices, including smart devices such as your mobile phone or tablet.

Online services for business will log out after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you are timed out, just log in again.

Log in to Online services for business

You can use Online services for business for most of your organisation's interactions with us – for example:

  • switch between your businesses with a single log in
  • view, prepare, lodge and revise activity statements and taxable payments annual report
  • find your balances owing, payment reference number (PRN) and create payment plans
  • manage your accounts and update your tax registration details (for example, register for goods and services tax (GST) and pay as you go (PAYG) withholding)
  • nominate a new registered tax agent, BAS agent, or a payroll services provider, or update authorisations for an existing registered agent
  • view your Single Touch Payroll reports
  • request stapled super fund details for new employees
  • for SMSF auditors, prepare and lodge Auditor contravention reports (ACR) and Audit Complete Advices (ACA), including bulk ACA lodgment
  • SMSF trustees can lodge an SMSF regulatory disclosure form, request SMSF specific advice, and lodge an amendment
  • access
  • view and print
    • tax returns and income tax history (if you are a sole trader, continue to use ATO Online)
    • statements of account
  • customise your home page.

Accessing Online services for business

To access Online services for business you'll need to sign in using myGovID.

If you’re new to our online services, you will have to first set up your myGovID and then link it to your business in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

For access and set up assistance, see:

How to use Online services for business

The information below complements the prompts and help available throughout Online services for business. Additional help, relevant to the action you are performing, is available by selecting the Help button within the service.

Approved SMSF auditors have access to various functions in Online services for business depending on the permissions set-up in Access Manager.

The resources below outline the available functions:

Standard Business Reporting (SBR)-enabled software

Standard Business ReportingExternal Link (SBR) is a standard approach to online or digital record keeping to simplify business reporting obligations. Digital service providers build SBR rules into business software to make the software ‘SBR-enabled’.

You can prepare and lodge reports to us directly from your SBR-enabled business software. When lodging reports, your SBR-enabled business software may require a branch number. This is located next to your account description in Online Services for Business or ATO online. For example, Activity statement 002.

If you use SBR-enabled software, you can report using information that's already captured as part of the day-to-day operations of your business.

Credentials in SBR-enabled software

Your SBR-enabled software uses a credential that allows you to securely submit information to us.

When using cloud-based SBR software, you don't need to create this credential. Instead, your software provider will build it into your software. For more information, see Cloud software authentication and authorisation.

If you use desktop or locally hosted SBR-enabled software (not cloud), you'll need to create a machine credentialExternal Link using Relationship Authorisation ManagerExternal Link.

Providing feedback

We know you are busy and appreciate your support to help us improve our online services. To provide feedback complete the Give us your feedback form in Online services for business. You can find it at the bottom of every page.

Contact us

For assistance:


Outlines the obligations of a user of Online services for business.

Online services for business has a range of functions available for all users.

Use the Accounts and payments menu in Online services for business to make payments and arrange payment plans.

Use the Lodgments menu in Online services for business to lodge a range of forms and statements.

Use the Employees menu in Online services for business to manage your employer obligations.

You can use the Profile menu in Online services for business to manage your business details with us.

Use the Communication menu in Online services for business to communicate with us by Secure mail.

Online services for business allows approved self-managed super fund (SMSF) auditors to lodge ACA and ACRs online.