Taxable payments annual report - Not required to lodge

Submit this form if you are no longer in the building and construction industry, or did not pay contractors for building and construction services, to avoid unnecessary follow up.

A separate form is required for each financial year.

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1.     I *   authorised contact for ABN * 

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     advise the Taxable payments annual report is not required to be lodged

     for year 20*.

2.     Select one of the following reasons:


                Confirm your business is no longer in the building and construction industry.
                1.   check our list of examples of building and construction services - you may be surprised
                     who is included
                2.   update your details on the Australian Business register
                3.   include your main business activity on your next tax return

                     Reporting the right main business activity ensures we can correctly
                     identify the industry you are in and send you the right information you need.


    We check contractor expenses claimed in tax returns.
                 If you are in the building and construction industry and claim expenses for
                 payments you have made to contractors for building and construction services,
                 you must lodge a Taxable payments annual report

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Reporting for more than one business?

You need to complete a separate form for each business.  If you are a registered agent with multiple clients.  You may find it easier to email us a list of your clients and all required details to complete this form to


If you experience difficulties submitting this form, try using another web browser. If you still experience difficulties email us at with the details required in this form.

Before submitting print, save or screen shot this page to keep a copy for your records