Taxable payments annual report - Not required to lodge

Before you submit this form you need to work out if you need to report a Taxable payments annual report (TPAR).   

If you are not required to lodge for a given financial year, you can complete this form. We can then update our records to avoid unnecessary follow up.

We check information submitted in this form against contractor expenses claimed in tax returns. If some or all the contractor expenses claimed are for providing the services below, you need to lodge a TPAR.

By submitting this form, you are telling us you don’t need to lodge a TPAR, as you are:

  • A business providing building and construction services but:
    • you're no longer primarily in the building and construction industry, or
    • you didn't pay contractors for building and construction services.
  • A business providing any of the relevant services but:
    • you haven’t paid any contractors to provide these services on your behalf
      • cleaning
      • courier and road freight
      • information technology
      • security, investigation or surveillance.
  • A business that provides a relevant service and other services but:
    • the total payments you received for any of the relevant services for the financial year is less than 10% of your total business income, or
    • you haven’t paid contractors to provide a relevant service on your behalf.
  • A government entity that:
    • is a federal, state or territory government entity and
      •  didn’t make payments to an entity wholly or partly for providing services
      •  and didn’t pay grants to people or organisations that have an ABN, or
    • is a local government entity and didn't make payments to an entity wholly or partly for providing services.

A separate form is required for each financial year.

* Required

1.     I *   authorised contact for ABN * 

     Business name or Government entity name * 

     confirm that a TPAR does not need to be lodged for the financial year ending 30 June 20*.


2.     I am reporting on behalf of a (select one of the following):


3.    Contact phone number:


4.    Contact email address:    


Reporting for more than one business or government entity?


You need to complete a separate form for each business or government entity.

If you are a registered agent with multiple clients, you can download this TPAR Not required to lodge spreadsheet (XLSX 63.3KB)This link will download a file. Complete the spreadsheet and send it to


If you experience difficulties submitting this form, try using another web browser. If you still experience difficulties email us at with the details required in this form.

Before submitting print, save or screen shot this page to keep a copy for your records