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  • Client list

    In Online services for agents (OSfA) you can view a list of clients with whom your registered agent number (RAN) is linked.

    You can also download the client list if you have permission in Access Manager. The principal authority or authorisation administrator of your practice will automatically have access to download the client list.

    To view the client list you can use the:

    • Client list quick link on the agent homepage
    • Advanced search
    • View client list link under Search.

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    More than 3,500 clients

    If you have more than 3,500 clients, you need to download clients into separate lists using the filters:

    • relationship
    • entity type
    • tax product.

    Save each file separately or combine into one file.

    If, after applying the filters, you still have more than 3,500 clients, the list won't be able to be downloaded. You will need to contact us to request a copy of your client list.

    Clients not showing on the client list

    If some of your clients are not displaying on your client list, it may be because:

    • we have classified them as security-assessed
    • your access to the client has been restricted in Access Manager.

    Security-assessed clients are clients we classify for privacy reasons. Access to these clients and their details won't be available in OSfA. To view these clients, you will need to phone us.

    Restricted clients are clients whose accounts you decide are sensitive or private for your practice. Examples might include high-profile people, politicians or your own account. You can add clients to your practice's restricted client list using Access Manager. You can then manage who has permissions to view and action each or all of the restricted client's accounts.

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    FBT client list

    You can request a fringe benefit tax clients (FBT) client list which has more detail than the list generated from OSfA.

    The list will include your FBT clients, all years, due dates and details of late or on-time FBT returns.

    To request the list, select Practice mail then:

    • New
    • Topic Fringe benefits tax
    • Subject Agent request for electronic FBT client list
    • Enquiry type I am enquiring on behalf of practice
    • type ‘FBT client list request' in the message field
    • select Send.

    You will receive the list within 28 days.

    Maintain your client list

    It is important to regularly review your client list to add new clients and remove those you no longer represent.

    This will help:

    • avoid unnecessary contact from us about previous clients
    • ensure your lodgment performance calculation reflects your active client list.

    You can also add, remove or update client details using the practitioner lodgment service.

    Before you remove a client, you must remove your contact details from their record. While the client removal screen includes reminders to do, failing to do so won't prevent the client from being removed.


    Be aware that lodging a final return or advising that a further return is not necessary, does not remove the client from your list.

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    Client list has clients you no longer represent

    Your client list in OSfA may have clients you no longer represent, even though they weren't listed in the closed tax and BAS agent portals. This happens when your authorisation as a client's registered tax or BAS agent has not been removed from all roles and accounts. This generally occurs for clients where a final return has been lodged, whose role or accounts have been cancelled or who are deceased.

    You will need to remove these clients from your client list.

    There are some clients you won't be able to remove, for example, deceased clients. For these clients, you will need to notify us, and we will remove them from your list.

    To notify us of clients you want to remove in bulk:

    • download the client list using the CSV format – if you have more than 3,500 clients you will need to do this in separate files
    • remove all current clients you would like to remain authorised for
    • keep the identifier and name of clients you want to remove from the client list
    • save the list as an Excel file
    • delete your contact details from the clients' records that you are wanting us to remove
    • select Communication then
      • Practice mail
      • New
      • Topic Debt and lodgment
      • Subject Bulk Client Removal
      • Enquiry type General enquiry
      • type 'Unable to remove clients in Online services for agents' in the message field
    • attach the list of clients you want removed
    • select Send.

    We may take up to three weeks to remove the clients. We will let you know when your request is complete.

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