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  • Prepare and lodge

    Information for registered agents about preparing and lodging tax returns and statements, and due dates.

    Due dates
    See the key lodgment and payment dates for clients of registered agents for 2022–23, listed by month.

    Tax Time
    Key changes this tax time, what you can do to prepare, things to consider before lodging, and helpful resources.

    Lodgment program framework
    Find out how our lodgment program framework recognises agents with good practice management, who lodge electronically, and on time.

    Tax agent lodgment program 2022–23
    Find out lodgment and payment due dates and details for the tax agent lodgment program.

    BAS agent lodgment program 2022–23
    Find out BAS agent lodgment and payment due dates, and what to do if you can't lodge on time.

    Managing your lodgment program
    Find out information to help you manage your lodgment program.

    Lodgment program deferrals
    See help available when exceptional or unforeseen circumstances prevent you lodging by a due date for your clients.

    Pre-filling service
    See how the pre-filling service helps to ensure the accuracy of your clients' tax returns.

    Interacting with us online
    Find out how you can do most of your tax reporting and transactions with us online.

    Disaster events
    Help if you or your clients are affected by a major incident or natural disaster causing disruption to life or business.

    Support for your practice
    Find out how we can support you to manage your clients' and your own tax obligations during difficult times.

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