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Support and helpful information for your practice

Support is available to help you and your practice manage your clients' tax obligations during difficult times.

Last updated 6 August 2023

Support options

If you, your practice or your clients are feeling overwhelmed, we have a range of support options available. We can support you to manage your clients' and your own tax obligations during difficult times when you may need more help.

Lodgment program support

We can help with your lodgment program if you, your practice or your clients are experiencing difficulties lodging on time for reasons beyond your control.

Natural disasters support

If you or your clients are affected by a major incident or natural disaster event that causes disruption to life or business, we have a range of options to help.

Payment support

If your client can't pay by the due date, we have support measures to help with paying.

Data breach support

If you or your client experience a data breach, you can take steps to limit the damage, see Data breach guidance for tax professionals.

Tax or BAS agent passes away

When a registered tax or BAS agent dies, their registration with the Tax Practitioner Board (TPB) must be terminated.

For further information and details, see Death of tax practitionerExternal Link.

Tax practitioner assistance

For registered tax professionals who have not been able to resolve an issue through our existing channels, see Tax practitioner assistance to help resolve certain matters.

Tax crime

To report any known or suspected illegal behaviour you can either:

  • complete the tip-off form (the form is also available in the contact us section of the ATO app)
  • phone us on the ATO tip-off hotline on 1800 060 062.

Digital services

Data and cyber security

Together we have a shared responsibility to manage the security of the digital services that you use to interact with us on behalf of your client.

Ensure your internal security practices follow the:

System information

Planned maintenance

You can stay updated about upcoming maintenance by adding a bookmark or favourite to our system maintenance page. We will also keep you informed via our weekly Tax professionals newsletter.

System issues

Our systems advice and alerts page provides information and links to:

  • our operational dashboards – near real-time information on the current availability and performance of our systems
  • technical support – known issues and troubleshooting when accessing and using our digital services.

Online services for agents

The Online services for agents user guide complements the Help section in Online services for agents. Our range of videos in our Digital education resources are designed to help you optimise your use of Online services for agents, saving you time and allowing you to better support your clients.

Legal database

We offer a range of ATO advice and guidance products to help you understand how the law applies to you. This includes public and private advice and guidance.