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Tax practitioner assistance

How to use Tax practitioner assistance when you have been unable to resolve matters through other channels.

Last updated 7 February 2023

About Tax practitioner assistance

Tax practitioner assistance (TPA) can help all registered tax and BAS agents resolve client specific or practice management issues that you have not been able to resolve through our existing channels.

It is not designed to be the first contact you make with us on the matter.


Tax practitioner assistance is available to all registered tax and BAS agents who both:

  • represent clients in a tax professional capacity
  • have the authority to act as the client’s authorised representative.

You should only submit a request to TPA if you have not been able to resolve your issue through one or more of these support channels prior:

All steps and criteria in the request form must be completed to ensure it is accepted.

What you can use TPA for

You can use this service for help where an administrative matter relating to your client or a practice management matter remains unresolved via our normal channels

What you cannot use TPA for

This service is not for tax practitioners seeking help with:

How to request assistance

You can apply for tax practitioner assistance by submitting your request through Practice mail in Online services for agents.

All 'How to request assistance' steps and all other criteria within the TPA request must be completed to ensure your request is accepted.

Step 1: Complete all mandatory fields and save the Tax practitioner assistance form (PDF, 204KB)This link will download a file:

  • We will reject your request if you have not included all required information.
  • To download this form to your computer, right click and select Save target as or Save link as.
  • Always use the Save form button in the form to save the request.

Step 2: Select the Practice mail topic: General questions, problems, and help.

Step 3: Select the subject Submit Tax Practitioner Assistance Request Form.

Step 4: Attach your request form to the Practice mail message.

What happens next

  • You will receive a receipt ID as acknowledgement of your request – you can use this receipt ID to seek a progress update on your request.
  • We may need to contact you if we need further information.
  • TPA will work with the relevant ATO area to resolve your issue.
  • TPA will also be your contact regarding the progress of your request.

We aim to resolve your request as soon as possible. However, some requests may take up to 28 calendar days or longer once all necessary information has been received.

We will provide an update if your request takes longer than expected.