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Index - Record keeping for business

A linked index to help you use the ATO information about record keeping for business and find what you need.

Last updated 27 November 2019

We know different businesses will have different record-keeping needs depending on their size, structure and nature, so our information is grouped into sections that will help you to choose what's relevant to your business.

Overview of record-keeping rules for business – contains information on the fundamental rules that apply to all records as well as why you need to keep accurate and complete records:

Setting up and managing your business records – contains information on how to ensure you get the essentials right for managing and storing your records:

Detailed business record-keeping requirements – contains the detailed information about the records you need to keep for the different stages of your business's life cycle and for the tax obligations and situations relevant to your business:

Additional record-keeping information

As well as the information in this topic, we have additional record-keeping information on our website that is applicable to businesses of different types.