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Application for approval to defer GST on imported goods

This form explains how to apply for the deferred GST scheme on imported goods electronically (NAT 75136).

Last updated 27 April 2021

The Application for approval to defer GST on imported goods (NAT 75136) is available as a PDF.

How to get the form

Double clicking the form won't open it. The form will not load on a mobile device, tablet or within a browser.

To complete the form, you must save it to your desktop computer or laptop (with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat installed).

Tip: Update your default app for pdf file types to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open all pdf files with Adobe Acrobat.

Note: failure to follow these instructions correctly might lead to a delay in the processing of your deferred GST application.

  • lodge your form by attaching it to your secure mail message using Online services for business or Online services for agents
  • you need to use myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) to access Online services for business and Online services for agents.

Note: ensure only one PDF is attached to the application mail message.

For details about the personal information we collect from you see Privacy notice – Application to defer GST on imported goods.

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