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  • Reporting contraventions

    As an approved SMSF auditor or actuary, you must apply reporting criteria to work out the contraventions of the SISA and SISR that need to be reported in the approved form. You may also report other important information using this form.

    Reporting contraventions resulting from events

    You must report contraventions and other matters resulting from an event. An 'event' is an action or inaction by the trustees that may lead, or has led, to one or more contraventions.

    When you prepare this report, describe the event and choose the relevant provisions from the list of reportable sections and regulations of the SISA and SISR that have been breached by the trustees. You can use the ACR to report contraventions for multiple events.

    When to report contraventions

    You must lodge a report within 28 days of completing the audit if, in the normal course of conducting the audit, you form the opinion that a contravention of the SISA or SISR has occurred either:

    • during the year of income being audited
    • before or after the year of income being audited.

    The contravention must meet the reporting criteria.

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