• Section B Payer details

    Provide all the details requested in section B for each of your payers.

    You must complete B8 to B13 if your reason code at A12 begins in the range 08-17.

    If you do not complete these items, your application will be returned to you for completion.

    B1(b) Will you be receiving payments from this payer for the full year?

    If you are receiving payments from only one payer and you will receive payments from this payer for only part of the year, you may have received payments from other payers previously in the year. If this applies to you, only complete details for payer 1. Include the total of your gross payments received and tax withheld since 1 July 2016 for your current payer and all previous payers at B12 and B13.

    B2 Agreement with your payer to withhold amounts

    You can enter into a voluntary agreement with a payer only if you have an Australian business number (ABN) (an independent contractor or consultant) and if no other provision requires an amount to be withheld from the payment. If you do not have an ABN, answer No at this item.

    If you have entered into a voluntary agreement with a payer, you must provide all the details in section G on the PAYG withholding variation supplement 2017 and attach a copy of the voluntary agreement.

    B3 Payer's Australian business number (ABN)

    Leave blank if you do not know your payer's ABN.

    B4 Payer's business name

    Show your payer's business name.

    B5 Pay office postal address

    Show your payer's pay office postal address. We may not use the address you provide if we determine that it is not the payer's preferred address.

    B6 Pay officer's direct phone number

    Leave blank if you do not know your pay officer's phone number.

    B8 Gross per pay

    Show the amount you are receiving each pay before tax is withheld.

    B9 Tax withheld per pay

    Show the amount of tax your payer is withholding from each pay.

    B10 Pay frequency

    Mark the relevant box to indicate how often you receive payments.

    B11 Dates of last pay and next pay

    Show the date you last received a payment and the date you next expect to receive a payment.

    B12 Gross payments received since 1 July 2016

    Show the total payments from your payer since 1 July 2016.

    B13 Tax withheld since 1 July 2016

    Show the total amount of tax your payer has withheld from your payments since 1 July 2016. Include tax withheld where your ABN was not quoted and the amounts have not subsequently been refunded to you.

    Note: If you have more than two payers and you are lodging a paper application, attach a separate sheet of paper for any additional payers. Make sure all the required details as listed above are included on the separate sheet.

    Last modified: 10 May 2016QC 21682