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Your tax return

Your tax return is a form you can complete online or by paper, get help from a tax agent or our Tax Help program.

Find out what's new or is changing this income year and work out if you need to lodge a tax return.

Check what options you have to lodge your tax return yourself or with help from someone else.

If you need help lodging your tax return our Tax Help program is free and helps individuals with simple tax affairs.

Check the progress of your tax return using our self-help services. Most returns lodged online process within 2 weeks.

Options are available to you if you can't find a tax refund you're expecting through electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Find out how to correct or fix a tax return if you make a mistake or, contact us if we've made an error.

Where we find a difference in details on your tax return and data reported to us, we'll send you a letter.

You can dispute or object to our decision if you disagree with it.