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Compensation payments received objections

Documents you need to provide us to process an objection to our decision about boat compensation payments received.

Last updated 3 July 2017

We need specific documents and information to process an objection to our decision about compensation payments received.

Providing this information up front will reduce delays.

If you wish to lodge an objection about compensation payments received, you'll need to:

  • complete and submit the relevant objection form (for taxpayers or tax professionals)
  • provide the supporting information listed below.

Supporting information required

If you have previously given us any of the information listed below, you don't need to resend it.

The information we need includes:

  • copies of court documents, any settlement documents and policy documents in relation to the compensation payment
  • a breakdown of how the compensation amount was calculated (for example, the portions paid for the loss of earnings and as compensation for pain and suffering). Provide details if the payment cannot be broken down into its individual components
  • any other documentation that provides information about the payment.

You should also provide answers to these questions:

  • Who is paying the compensation?
  • How is the payment being made (for example, weekly, monthly or in a lump sum)?
  • What gave rise to the compensation payment (for example, an accident at work or a victim of crime payment)?
  • Where the payment is made in a lump sum, will you have any further rights to seek additional compensation following receipt of that payment? Provide details of any further rights.
  • Is the payment being paid under an Act? If so, which Act and which section of that Act?

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