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myTax 2015 eligibility

These instructions help you determine if you are eligible to use myTax.

Last updated 6 June 2016

You must be eligible to use myTax

If you are not eligible to use this service, you can lodge your tax return using a paper form or a registered tax agent.

You are not eligible to use this service if you were not an Australian resident for tax purposes for all of the financial year - 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015.

You are also not eligible to use this service if, during 2014–15, you:

  • had other taxable income that is not either:  
    • salary and wages (including employer lump sum payments)
    • allowances
    • employment termination payments
    • bank interest
    • dividends
    • an Australian government payment
    • Australian superannuation income stream or annuity payments (excluding lump sum in arrears)
    • Australian superannuation lump sums
    • distributions from a managed fund, or
    • foreign pension or annuity payments
  • received any of the following Australian Government payments  
  • had capital gains or losses (except capital gains from a managed fund)
  • had capital losses carried forward from earlier years
  • had rental income or rental losses
  • received shares or interests, or your spouse or another associate of yours received shares or interests in an employee share scheme for a discount in connection with your employment
  • had payments, loans or forgiven debts from a private company that are treated as dividends
  • had an interest in a foreign company over which you have some control, or if you ever transferred property, money or services to a non-resident trust
  • had other income
  • had a prior year tax loss
  • had any other deductions that are not:  
    • related to your employment
    • related to your interest income
    • related to your dividend income
    • related to your managed fund distribution
    • related to your foreign pension or annuity
    • for gifts or donations, or
    • for the cost of managing your tax affairs (for example, tax agent fees).

You cannot use this service for the 2014–15 year to claim:

You are also not eligible to use this service if, during 2014–15, your spouse received a lump sum payment in arrears and, as a result of this, you would be liable for the Medicare levy surcharge on your family income (because you do not have an appropriate level of private patient hospital health cover).

If your taxable income is between $34,488 and $49,488 and you are eligible for a superannuation co-contribution, you may not receive your full entitlement if you use myTax and you have deductions relating to joint income (such as joint bank account interest or dividends from jointly owned shares).

If you are eligible to use myTax, you can Lodge online.