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Saving, lodging and printing

Questions about saving and submitting your tax return.

Last updated 25 March 2024

You can save and come back to myTax

You can save your myTax return by selecting the save and exit button at the bottom of the ‘Personalise return’ and ’Prepare return’ screens.

To access your saved return log into our online servicesExternal Link.

If new pre-filling data is available when you resume your myTax return, you will have the option to import this new data. If you select this option, you will be prompted to review it. Your return will show all the information previously pre-filled, changed and manually entered.

There could be duplicated data if you manually entered some information and elect to pre-fill new data. If this is the case, delete one of the entries.

You can save and exit, and resume your myTax return on any device.

We will tell you when you have lodged successfully

After you select the 'Lodge' button, you will receive a 'Receipt' screen confirming that you have successfully lodged your return. The screen gives you an ATO receipt number, an estimate of your refund or amount owing.

Keep a copy of your receipt number for future reference.

Print or save the summary of your myTax return

Select the 'Print or save' button. From here you can print or save the summary of your myTax return.

To save a copy using a mobile device, use the settings and functions particular to your device. You may need to use the screen capture facility if your device is not connected to a printer or able to save the file.

You have only one opportunity to print or save a copy of the summary of your lodged myTax return from the 'Receipt' screen. You can view your tax return later at any time by logging in to our online servicesExternal Link.

What happens after you lodge your myTax return

After you lodge your myTax return, it goes to processing. We process most tax returns within 2 weeks. You can check the progress of your return here.

When your myTax return is processed, you will receive an email or SMS notification that you have a myGov mail item. Go to your myGov Inbox to read the mail item and view your notice of assessment. Your notice will confirm the amount of the refund we have deposited into your bank account or the amount you have to pay, including payment options.

There may be scenarios where the amount of your estimate differs from the amount on the notice of assessment. These are outlined here.

I have lodged but didn't save or print a copy of my tax return

You can view your lodged myTax return by logging into our online servicesExternal Link.

Where do I put income, deductions and tax offsets that myTax doesn't cater for?

Although myTax has been expanded for 2015, there are still types of income, deductions and tax offsets that aren’t catered for. If you have any of these, you will have to use e-tax.

We expect to incorporate all types of income, deductions and tax offsets into myTax for 2016.

I have lodged on e-tax or paper, but haven't received my assessment yet. Can I lodge on myTax to get it more quickly?

No. Once you have lodged your return you can’t lodge it again.