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How to complete income sections of your tax return using myTax.

Complete question 1 to declare income from salary or wages from which tax was withheld.

Complete question 2 to declare payments of income from working, including allowances, payments for service and fees.

Complete question 3 to declare lump sum payments received from an employer for unused annual or long service leave.

Complete question 4 to declare employment termination payments you received due to the termination of your employment.

Complete question 5 to declare allowances and payments received from the Australian Government.

Complete question 6 to declare pensions and allowances received from the Australian Government.

Complete question 7 to declare income you received from Australian superannuation income streams and annuities.

Complete question 8 to declare Australian superannuation lump sum payments or death benefit payments you received.

Complete question 9 to declare personal services income attributed to you.

Complete the total tax withheld section in your tax return.

Complete question 12 to declare discounts on employee share scheme interests (ESS interests) you received under an ESS.

Complete question 10 to declare interest paid or credited to you from any source in Australia.