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  • Lodging your tax return

    Tax returns cover the financial year from 1 July to 30 June. If you’re lodging your own tax return it is due by 31 October.

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    Lodging with myTax

    MyTax is the quick, easy, safe and secure way to lodge your tax return online. It's web-based, so you don't need to download anything. You can lodge on a range of devices – computer, smartphone or tablet – just make sure to lodge by the 31 October deadline.

    MyTax is accessed through myGov. Clicking this link will take you away from Once logged in, follow these menu options: Tax > Lodgments > Income tax

    Start your tax return with myTax

    How to link ATO online services through myGov

    You need a myGov account to lodge your tax return online. To get started you will need to:

    Step 1 – create a myGov account

    Step 2 – link your account to the ATO.

    MyGov is a fast, simple way to access government services online. A secure myGov account lets you link to a range of Australian Government services with one username and password, all in one place.

    You will need to prove your identity by providing your TFN, name and date of birth. You will then be required to answer two questions using information specific to you to identify your ATO record. You can use the following information to confirm your record:

    • a notice of assessment received in the last five years
    • a PAYG payment summary received in the last two years
    • a super account statement from the last five years
    • a dividends statement from the last two years
    • a Centrelink payment summary from the last two years
    • your bank account details.

    If you choose to use your bank account to confirm your identity, it must be an account you had your individual income tax refund paid into last year, or one that has earned interest in the last two years.


    This video shows how to create a myGov account and link to the ATO

    Media: [How to create a myGov account and link to the ATO] Link (Duration: 03:56)

    You can watch How to create a myGov account and link to the ATOThis link opens in a new window in full screen on atoTV.

    Log in or create a myGov account

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    You need to lodge your tax return by the 31 October.

    If you are completing your own tax return and are unable to lodge by 31 October, contact us as soon as possible.

    Most registered agents have special lodgment schedules and can lodge returns for clients later than the 31 October deadline. If you are using a registered agent, ensure you contact them before 31 October.

    If you're having difficulties meeting your tax obligations, contact us as soon as possible.

    If you missed the deadline

    Even if the deadline has passed, it is important to lodge as soon as you can.

    If you expect a tax bill, don't delay lodging. If you're finding it hard to pay on time, it's important to contact us early so we can work with you to make a payment plan tailored to your circumstances.

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