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General functions in Online services for foreign investors

How to find the function you need in Online services for foreign investors.

Last updated 25 June 2023

Navigating the service

The login page

When you log in to Online services for foreign investors, your name or entity will be listed as a linked entity. If you have more than one entity listed, select the entity then the Next button to go to the home page.

If no names are listed, select Add to set up access.

This page will appear when you log in to Online services for foreign investors. From here you can set up access or continue to the home page.

The home page

The home page displays the name of the person whose record you are viewing.

The home page offers drop-down menu options as well as quick links.

You can switch between records in the same login session where:

  • more than one entity or individual record is registered, or
  • you're an authorised representative for more than one client.

To do this, select the Change foreign investor button.

Use the Logout button to log out of Online services for foreign investors when you are not using it.

Menu options

Use the Account and payments drop-down menu on the home page to find options for:

  • Transactions
  • Payments (for vacancy fee and residential application fee use the quick link)

Use the Lodgments drop-down menu to find options for:

  • Residential application
  • Vacancy fee return

Use the Assets menu item to register or update details about your assets.

Use the Profile drop-down menu to find options for:

  • Manage details
  • Foreign person details
  • Authorised contacts

Quick links

Use the quick links on the home page to go straight to:

  • Manage details
  • Lodge or pay residential application
  • Lodge or pay vacancy fee return
  • Manage access
    • Note: When you select the Manage access quick link, a new tab will open in your browser. When you have finished with authorisations, logout of or close this tab. This will not log you out of Online services for foreign investors.
  • Register asset
  • Transactions

Other functions to be aware of

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

You can move back and forth between pages using the relevant button at the bottom of the screen. Don't use the browser back button.

If a field (item) needs to be completed or you have completed using an incorrect format it will display in red; a message will display so you can correct the information. You can't continue until you correct the errors.

When we refer to 'drop-down', this is where there is a chevron or arrow that can provide more information.

Data that you enter and save will be used to pre-fill some information.

When entering an Australian address, predictive search will find the address as you type.

Attaching files

When attaching files:

  • you can attach up to 10 files
  • each file needs to be less than 25MB in size
  • use only English alphanumeric characters to name each file
  • keep file names as short as possible
  • file names in a language other than English, or that use special characters such as # @ & $, may prevent your application being submitted.

Find help

Prompts and help are available throughout Online services for foreign investors.

The Help button will appear on the right side of the page when you select a menu option or quick link. Select the Help button for information and guidance relating to the page you're viewing (Note: The Help button is not available on the login page or the home page).

Where you see a ? in a circle, this means there is help available relating to the action you are performing.

These resources complement the help function within Online services for foreign investors:

You can also refer to the Troubleshooting page for information about known issues.

Provide feedback

Give us feedback appears at the bottom of each screen in Online services for foreign investors. Use it if you want to give us feedback about your experience using the service. Provide as much detail as possible.

Our Troubleshooting page lists issues we are aware of. Before providing your feedback, check to see if an issue is already listed.

How we use feedback

We use the feedback we receive to:

  • fix identified issues (like those listed on the Troubleshooting page)
  • investigate if improvements can be made to the service
  • find out what you like about the service and how are you using it.

We don't respond to individual comments or questions in feedback.

If you want to enquire about your obligations, you can contact us about foreign investment.