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Using the Online services for agents dashboard

The Online services for agents dashboard allows you to see if Online services for agents is functioning normally or not.

Last updated 10 March 2020

The Online services for agents dashboardExternal Link lets you see at a glance if Online services for agents is operating normally or experiencing issues.

Using data directly from our monitoring systems, the dashboard uses a traffic light system to show if Online services for agents is available or experiencing issues.

Dashboard colours change when the number of error messages or slow responses experienced by users is above a defined threshold. When multiple users are experiencing an issue, the dashboard will display the issue.

There are four categories:

  • Operational (green) – the system is working, with no known performance or availability issues detected
  • Degraded performance (blue) – slow performance (that is, more than 30% of requests exceed a five-second response time)
  • Partial outage (yellow) – limited access or working intermittently (login is unavailable to more than 5% of users, and other services are unavailable to more than 15% of users)
  • Major outage (red) – system unavailable.

The colour against the system reflects its overall status. You can expand the information (by clicking on the plus sign and down arrows) to reveal the status of the following services:

  • Login service
  • Search communication history – to search and retrieve communications we have issued for your clients
  • View communication history – to view a piece of correspondence found in the search function
  • Access practice and client reports
  • Access Single Touch Payroll (STP) reports
  • View client accounts
  • Create or view mail messages
  • File transfer – displays the availability of the file transfer facility to upload approved files
  • Access super clearing house – availability of the Small business super clearing house (SBSCH)
  • Add or remove clients
  • Update client details
  • View/Lodge activity statements
  • Prefill
  • On Demand reports.

There are three reasons why the dashboard may not immediately show the colour reflecting your current experience:

  1. You may be one of the first users to receive an error message or experience a slow response time – the dashboard will change when multiple users experience the problem.
  2. There could be a problem with your Access Manager permissions, or your internet connection.
  3. The dashboard updates every five minutes – so it may take a few minutes for the colour to reflect your experience.

If you experience access issues or slow response times for more than five minutes and the dashboard is green, check if this is a known issue using the troubleshooting page. If the issue isn't listed, contact us on 13 72 86 FKC 3 3

You can also see a system metrics chart, which shows how the system has been performing recently. It shows the overall performance, not each individual user's experience.

There is also a list of scheduled maintenance times.

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