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Lodgment program 2024–25 available now

Find out what's new, tips to prepare your practice and the support options available.

Published 1 July 2024

The lodgment program helps you manage your workload by allowing progressive lodgment of your clients' obligations over the 12-month period ending 30 June 2025.

You can access the Tax agent lodgment program or BAS agent lodgment program from our website. Check out the due dates by month for a snapshot of what's coming.

What's new?

This year's program includes the not-for-profit (NFP) self-review return. Non-charitable NFPs with an active Australian business number (ABN) are required to lodge the return to notify their eligibility for income tax exemption.

Tips to prepare your practice

As you know, good planning is the key to managing your lodgment program. To prepare your practice, we also recommend you:

If you or your practice are experiencing challenges beyond your control, we have a range of support options to help you get back on track.