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  • Client Engagement group

    The group fosters willing participation in Australia’s tax and super systems through well-designed client experiences.

    Across all client experiences – from the very largest public and multinational businesses to small businesses and individuals – the Client Engagement group uses insights from client interactions to help design a tax system that makes it easier to comply, and harder not to. The group supports the integrity of the tax and super systems by addressing non-compliance and ensures increasing transparency about the operation of the system for taxpayers and key partners.

    The group also plays an important role in working with the international tax community. Through collaborating with other jurisdictions, the Client Engagement group improves the way tax administrations work tighter to address arrangements used to evade and avoid tax.

    More roles are coming soon. If you have experience and are interested in working with us, we’d like to hear from you through our job registerExternal Link. Alternatively, you can register for job alertsExternal Link to be informed of jobs that match your skills.

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