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  • Commitments and reporting

    We are accountable to Parliament and independent scrutineers for our performance and decisions.

    How we report and meet our commitments
    An overview of how we operate as the government's principal revenue collection agency.

    Annual report and other reporting to Parliament
    Our annual report is the main way we report to parliament, but we also report to several parliamentary committees.

    Our scrutineers
    Find out how we work cooperatively with our scrutineers to support their reviews, audits and investigations.

    ATO Charter
    Read about our commitments to you, what we ask of you and options if you are not satisfied under our Charter.

    Service commitments
    Our service commitments assure ourselves and the community that our services are consistently a high standard.

    Information and privacy
    We intend to be fair and professional and to strict standards of confidentiality in accordance with the law.

    Our commitment to diversity
    Initiatives in place to build and support a diverse and inclusive workplace.

    Discretionary grants and sponsorship
    As required under the Commonwealth Grant Guidelines, this page outlines grants and sponsorships issued by the ATO.

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    How we consult with the community to effectively manage and shape the tax, superannuation and registry systems.

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