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  • ATO Regulator Performance Framework self-assessment report 2020-21


    About the Regulator Performance Framework

    As part of the Government’s regulatory reform agenda, the government released its Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) under the 2014 Spring Repeal Day. The framework is an important element of the government’s commitment to reduce the cost of unnecessary or inefficient regulation imposed on individuals, business and community. As a regulator, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is required to self-assess its performance against the RPF.

    The RPF comprises six outcomes-based key performance indicators (KPIs) and associated measures. The KPIs articulate the government’s overarching expectations of regulator performance, namely that:

    KPI 1: Regulators do not unnecessarily impede the efficient operation of regulated entities

    KPI 2: Communication with regulated entities is clear, targeted and effective

    KPI 3: Actions undertaken by regulators are proportionate to the risk being managed

    KPI 4: Compliance and monitoring approaches are streamlined and coordinated

    KPI 5: Regulators are open and transparent in their dealings with regulated entities

    KPI 6: Regulators actively contribute to the continuous improvement of regulatory frameworks.

    About this report

    The Commissioner of Taxation is responsible for administering Australia’s tax system and significant aspects of Australia’s superannuation system. He is also the Registrar of the Australian Business Register (ABR) and the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS).

    The ATO is the Australian Government’s principal revenue collection agency, administering the legislation governing tax, and supporting the delivery of government benefits to the community.

    This report addresses the RPF’s ATO-specific metrics and reporting requirements agreed with the Board of Taxation (established in 2015 and updated in 2018). It is an assessment of our performance as a regulator for 2020–21.

    The 2019–20 ATO Regulator Performance Framework self-assessment report noted two areas requiring further investment and continued focus in 2020–21, both of which are aligned with our intent and focus for the next few years to 2024, specifically to:

    • build trust and confidence in the tax and superannuation systems
    • be an integrated, streamlined and data driven organisation.

    Progress in 2020–21 regarding these areas for improvement is outlined on page 3.

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