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  • Section A: Entity information

    Section A requires information about the entity and the project.

    Questions 1–3 – Details about the entity

    Provide the following information:

    • the entity's Australian business number (ABN) at question 1
    • the entity's tax file number (TFN) at question 2 (while this is optional, it allows us to correctly identify the entity lodging the schedule)
    • the entity's legal name at question 3.

    Question 4 – Does the project have a PRRT registration number?

    At question 4, indicate whether there is a PRRT registration number for the project by placing an X in the appropriate box.

    If you answer 'Yes', insert the PRRT registration number in the space provided.

    If you answer 'No', provide the name of the petroleum project. If the interest in the petroleum project is an interest in:

    • a production licence, place an X in the 'Production licence' box and insert the production licence number in the 'Production licence or combination certificate number' box
    • a combined project, place an X in the 'Combined project' box and insert the combination certificate number in the 'Production licence or combination certificate number' box.

    If there is no combination certificate number on the combination certificate, insert the first production licence number listed on the combination certificate.

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