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  • Application for a licence to store excisable products – alcohol

    These instructions will help you complete your Application for a licence to store excisable products - alcohol (NAT 7176, PDF 385KB).

    When to use this application

    Use this application to apply for an excise licence to:

    • store excisable alcohol products
    • store and distribute packaged excisable alcohol products including contract storage
    • store and distribute bulk excisable alcohol products
    • undertake specialty repacking of excisable alcohol products
    • repackage excisable alcohol products or concessional spirits including bulk excisable alcohol products
    • store concessional spirits for resale.

    When we say 'you', we are referring to the person or entity applying to hold the licence. When we say 'premises' we mean the premises that are to be licensed.

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    You must be licensed before you undertake any of the above activities. If you already hold an excise licence for a different activity, you must complete a new application for all additional activities.


    If you are applying for a licence for the first time, or for a different licence type, contact us about excise and EEG's to discuss your circumstances before completing your application.

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    Last modified: 13 Feb 2015QC 16999